The New Land

A Half-Drow, a Dragonborn, and a Halfling walk into a library

Session 3

Bowie informed the party that they have been missing for a week and accused them of disregarding their duty. Lyra showed him the book and explained the whole ordeal and how demiplanes work. Bowie seen it as nonsense. He ordered everyone to go to bed. He also stated that Salem would be relieved of her duties and Bowie would supervise the team.

As the members went to bed Taylox asked to speak with Simon privately. They conspired about Bowie and how his tattoo could be related to the cult business in Grand Sorin. Bowie (in the adjacent room) heard his name and tried to easy drop. Once discovered Taylox insisted they he and Simon were talking about how cool Bowie was. Bowie was satisfied and went to bed.

The next morning the group congregated to have another arousing breakfast with Janet. Their friend Eridso was absent for this meal. The party talked before Bowie attended. They thought heading to Grand Sorin would be a wise choice. They could then get Salem back and restock on supplies. Bowie came down to join. Lyra and Simon were so agrivated by his presence that they left to go to the library next door.

Taylox and Bowie were left in the room alone. Taylox confronted Bowie about the cult. Even under the Zone of Truth spell Bowie insisted that he got his tattoo from his friends in the sewers under Grand Sorin. (the same place where Jack Maggot’s casino/club was located). Bowie told Taylox that his friends in the club were really nice and told Bowie about how cool he was. Bowie then cast friends and ordered Taylox to get undressed. Taylox was forced to explore the moist chasm that is Bowie’s mouth.

Janet in the other room explained that she was a lesbian while under the influence of Zone of Truth.

Taylox was flustered and went to the library to get the others. He found Simon who found a book made of human skin with a insignia of demon head on the front. Simon said that Lyra found a hidden section in the back and solved an extremely difficult puzzle. Lyra came back with a scroll of Polymorph. Once with the others her magic senses started to boom. She was picking up intense dark magic from the book. She then got a vision of a Halfling sized lich that was burning Story Brooke to the ground. Lyra told them to put the book back. They did. They noticed that the book has rotted its shape into the wooden table it was sitting on.

Once returned Lyra rented the scroll for a few days and the party headed out. They met with Bowie how was packed and ready to go. The party suggested they head back to Grand Sorin. Bowie denied the request and insisted that they head to the next town. They party left Story Brooke.

After a day’s travel the party made camp to rest. Blackwall doesn’t require sleep, seeing how he is undead. In the middle of the night Bowie awoke screaming about a giant crow in the sky. The party looked. Lyra saw a dragon, but then realized it was a griffon. The creature swooped down and took out Blackwall. The party then saw that it was a Brass Dragon. After fighting it, the party then talked it down.

The dragon introduced himself as Brass Lee. He was bored and wanted to play with people. Lyra befriended the Lee and they road off north. Bowie went back to sleep. Taylox and Simon snuck away from the campsite to leave Bowie and continued on their way to the next city.



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