The New Land

A Half-Drow's only friend

Session 4

Lyra flew on Brass Lee’s back to his home. They flew for an hour till they arrived at the hills. At the base of one of the hills were two trees that were concealing the entrance to Brass’s hole. Inside was his gold pile. Brass mentioned that he had another friend that swore a lot. Lyra assumed that was Starkesha. The two waited for Spanky to arrive. They played M.A.S.H. to pass the time. Spanky arrived exhausted. Lyra requested to go back to the other. So they turned around.

On their way back they spotted a traveler headed north. The group snuck up on the figure and scared it. Lyra learned that the figure was Xana, The Blighted and she was hired by Gideon’s Burge (just south west of there) to kill the dragon. Lyra challenged her to a duel. Xana took one swing and lost her sword in the tall hill grass.

After some pleasantries Lyra learned that Xana was also from Grand Sorin and was married at the age of 16. She also happened to mention that she recently saw a woman being dragged away by some dudes in hoods. Lyra thought it was worth investigating, so the team went on.

Lyra, Spanky, Brass, and Xana searched the hills. They spotted a trail in the grass leading to the top of a hill. At the top was a stone slab with a handle. The hole was medium sized so Brass and Spanky couldn’t go. Xana and Lyra snuck down the hole by using its ladder. Lyra made it to the bottom safely, however Xana fell and hit her head. She then began to yell in pain. Lyra calmed her down, but then noticed 8 hooded goons and Starkesha all staring at her.

Two goons took Starkesah being a large stone door with two statues at its base. The other six attacked. Xana couldn’t do much seeing how she had no sword still. So she just cast haste on Lyra while she mowed down the men. Lyra used mostly nonlethal damage. The battle was short. But then the two women had to deal with the stone door that appeared to have no handles.

The two approached the door and the statues began to speak. It was a puzzle door. One statue labeled Anlock, the other Lunoz. The two statues answered specific questions and the goal was to figure out why. After a few minutes Lyra couldn’t solve the puzzle. She took out her scroll of fire ball and unleashed it on the door. Sadly only a small whole was made. Lyra saw inside the two men attempting to tie Starkesha to a bloody stone slab. Starkesha was able to knock one of them to the ground, but then was struck by the other. Lyra poked her wand through the whole and killed one of the men.

Having bought a little more time Lyra went back to the puzzle. After a total of twenty minutes she figured it out. Thus freeing Starkesha.

Lyra went to interrogate one of the men.

The men had tattoos on their foreheads that were “No. X” where X was a different number. She talked to number 20. and she found all the way up to 28. None of them had pinkies. The man said that they were trying to summon Palora. The long lost sister to Palor the god of sun. She was the goddess of sex and “was into human dudes”. The man would kidnap women, bring them here, rape them (so the could get good at sex) and then skin them alive so that they didn’t narc. They also had a base in the sewers under Grand Sorin.

Lyra took note of this and went on her way. The group met back at Brass’ den. Brass went to sleep until morning and then he would take Lyra and the other back. Once asleep, Xana asked if it would be okay to take some of his gold. She grabbed a bag full of gold and left. Lyra told Brass immediately and they took after her. Xana was just outside the den’s entence when she was swooped up by Brass. They dropped her off outside of Gideon’s Burge, Lyra declared her as a rival, and they left to get Lyra back to the path.

Once at the path….. nobody was there. The team left Lyra alone. Lyra, Spanky, and Starkesha went down the pass to find the others.

Down the road she heard a brutish lady yelling from a bush. “Help! I’m a damsel.” Lyra went to aid the voice at the bush. Once close a Half-Orc lady popped out with a great axe. 11 others also emerged from the bushes. The yelling Orc said “No worries, she’s just a girl.” and all of them sheathed their weapons.

Lyra learned that these Half-Orcs lived in a lightly wooded part of the plains and jumped any man that walked by because “Men break our hearts, so we break their spines.” The group was alarmed by this and proceeded to go down the path.

After two days of traveling, the small group reached Gideon’s Burge. They got rooms, seeing how it was night time. Lyra walked into Gideon’s Cradle and spotted her two “friends” Simon and Taylox. She also saw an old acquaintance, Creighton.



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