The New Land

A Quest Through Ink

Session 2

Eridos awoke with a start.

The party all woke up and after a while ended up back at The Bedtime Cabin. Once there they discovered that Gharesh and Tobi were missing.

They then sat down for an arousing breakfast with Janet. The party concluded that they should head to the next city north. After packing they noticed Daniel in plate mail was missing. They chose to investigate the shed out back where he slept. Eridos, Simon, and Taylox searched the shed. They found all of his armor by the bed and a old book with golden binding labeled The Book of Lost Things who was written by Apollo. Simon got curious and he opened the book. A black spectral hand emerged from the pages and sucked Simon in.

Eridos and Taylox were shocked. They alarmed the rest of the gang. After some intense debating Lyra suggested that they all go in after him. One at a time, the members picked up the book and were But of course not after Taylox was slapped by the spectral hand.

The party was warped into the book. They saw images of odd scorpion men. An vivid autumn wood. And lastly an image of glowing red eyes and a grin.

The party hit the ground with a large thump. After realizing they were all still alive they began to search for their friend. After a few minutes a small Halfling boy burst from the bushes. Spanky and Lyra chased after the boy. After catching him, the party discovered that his name was Alabaster. He is the main protagonist in the book and he knew Daniel in plate mail. Daniel was torn apart by scorpion people. Alabaster suggested that they keep running because scorpion people were chasing him.

The Lyra threw Alabaster on top of Spanky, then the party road off to the east. As they went on the landscape seemed to become degraded. As though the art wasn’t fully completed. After an hour the heroes spotted a camp site with 3 sporpion people nesting at it. Upon sneaking closer the party was noticed and a battle ensued. Lyra dove on top of Alabaster to protect him while Spanky guarded them both. Better known as Turtle Formation. Simon hid behind Spanky. Eridos, Salem, and Taylox were left to kill the monsters. The battle ended swiftly with only one injury. Eridos took a stinger to the throat. Taylox the cleric offered assistance only after Eridos filled out a form.

After the form was completed the crew traveled east again. The day shifted to dusk. Traveling for another hour, the squad ran into a mountain side with a cave in it. The mountain looked too steep to scale so the members took shelter in the cave. They noticed that the cave looked bare. A rough sketch it seemed. The cave traveled far into the mountain. Eventually leading into an abyss.

The party found the edge and wondered if it was the way to the next chapter. After some discussion Eridos jumped into the Abyss. Followed by Simon and Taylox. Salem hesitated but Lyra ordered Spanky to charge. Salem was caught by the bolting bear.

The party fell for an hour. Even without a source of light, the party was lit as normal.

The party once again hit the ground with a thud. It was not painful, however. Scampering through the dark they were approached by a familiar face. It was the grinning being they saw entering the book. The party spoke with the face.

The face informed the party that this book was blessed by the author Apollo so that the book could almost literally “come to life” making it easier to finish. Apollo then abandoned the project leaving the magic to rot. That’s when the grim spectral spirit came to be. He controls the book’s world. An artist puts a part of him in every piece of art. The face was that piece. The party then dubbed him Apollo, because They’re essentially the same.

Apollo told the party that he could send them home. Apollo asked if he could come with. He mentioned the location of items that use to belong to the author. The party thought it was okay with that. Taylox attuned to Alabaster and were sent home.

The party crashed back to the shed. They all seemed to be safe but there was no sign of Alabaster. Taylox did notice a warm presence in the center of his skull branching to the back of his head. It was night time when they returned. They searched the cabin for Apollo’s (the author) belongings. They found a spy glass that has X-ray vision. A puzzle box with a magical essence in it. And a simple gold ring. Taylox took the glass. Eridos took the box. Salem took the ring.

The group went to sleep in The Bedtime Cabin. Most of them were welcomed back by Brad who was pissed that there was already an “annoying ass pasty gnome” upstairs. The group knew that must be Bowie.

Going upstairs Taylox tested his glass on the door to Bowie’s room. He spotted Bowie beating his thrall Blackwall with a rolled up newspaper yelling “Stupid” repeatedly. Salem opened the door to approach Bowie about his presents in the town. Taylox got a look at naked Bowie. Bowie had a tattoo labeled “No. 55” on his belly. The party talked to the gnomish satan who stated that they have been missing for a week.



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