The New Land

Back & Forth & Back Again

Session 6

After awaking from a rough night the group headed back to the woods with the hostile lady orcs. to see if they knew anything.

At the woods Lyra went to chat with the lady orcs. She went alone so that the ladies wouldn’t get mad at the men in the group. Simon and Taylox followed silently near by to keep Lyra safe. Lyra asked the dozen orcs if they have seen Bowie and Blackwalll (and gave them a physical description). The orc ladies said that they recall a baby that cried a lot and a man with a beard. They then escorted Lyra to their “Pile”. The pile was of many men of all ages and races that were completely dismembered. Lyra went back to the group terrified and explained the news to the group.

After some debating they hypothesized that Bowie would’ve woke up and continued down the path. That would’ve led the men too the group of angry half-orc ladies. Bowie is too sickly to out run most. So they came too the assumption that he died. Lyra then told everyone about all the cult stuff she learned while on her trip. The team thought it would be best to go home. Creighton needed to go back and get Gharesh from Girdoen’s Burge.

They traveled back to the town to and found Gharesh at Gideon’s Cradle. Upon entering the city the town guards tried to thrust small necklaces of Gideon on to the group. In the inn/tavern they found wanted posters of Gharesh and Creighton. Creighton left the city and found Gharesh outside. The rest of the group had a meal and discussed their plans of action. Taylox became suspicious of the statues. Lyra cast identify one of the many statues littering the city. She learned they are beacons of magic. Taylox suggested that they were surveillance items of some sort.

The group went back to Story Brooke. On their way they stopped at the old chapel. During the night Taylox woke up the group and their was a dead body in the center of the main worship room. The body had many stab wounds and had no face. Taylox insisted it was baboons that did the crime.

After the alarming night the group trudged back home. While in Story Brooke the group found about a dozen missing posters of citizens within the city. A family of 4, an old couple, a few single bachelors, a single dad and his son, a lesbian couple and their kids, and lastly a farmer. Although mysterious the party found their current issue more pressing. They stayed the night. Taylox alerted the group to a shine of shivs and fingers outside of the shed he slept in. The shrine wasn’t there. Taylox produced a note that stated “You’re next.” and a shiv and showed it to Lyra. She was clearly unamused.

Gharesh and Creighton went to their old boat instead of sleeping at the inn. When the party was ready to go they traveled 10 minutes out of the city to the beach. They had a beach day. Starkesha didn’t swim because she didn’t want to get her hair wet. Lyra went diving for pearls. Gharesh, Creighton, Simon, and Eridos played beach volleyball. Taylox sat in the crow’s nest like a little bitch. Creighton chopped down the nest and Taylox fell in the ocean. After getting pissed he swam back to shore he undressed. The found a mouth and a eye on his back. They assumed it was Alabaster or Apollo.

They team finally headed back. Before entering the city Eridos felt the urge to run into the forest. Gharesh and Creighton felt it was best not to go into the city due to the fact that Gharesh is a criminal. Taylox went to Abbott Tibalt to remove the curse. Lyra stopped by the castle to tell Hakkin about the adventure and then she took Simon back home to sleep.



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