The New Land

I Hope You Find Peace


The city grew quiet as the cultists were eliminated. Night Furry and the Shrieking Samurai were able to end most of them. Some cultists refused to be captured or killed by an unholy, so they took their own lives. The guards spent the night cleaning the streets of the bodies. The next morning came with rain. The weather ended any smoldering of buildings and washed away all the blood. Once cleaned the sun came out shining as bright as ever. All the puddles dried up leaving the town fresh. It seemed oddly divine.

The city is now a much safer place due to our heroes. Their sacrifice led to safe streets in which children now play on. Although the cult was no longer a threat there were plenty of issues to address. Starting with the two empty thrones. Claud Van Damm came forth and nominated himself. Seeing how his actions saved the life of the party, he was gladly accepted by Grand Sorin. Leaving on spot. The council unanimously appointed Salem. She has served the new court well. She is trusted. She is head strong. The court now stood as such…

Polynya, Salem, Lance, Brana, and Claud as the councilors. Storm stayed as spy master. Lady Quill sent her assistant’s (Leash) husband over to help fill the role of foreign advisor. An Aarakocra named Adonis who had impeccable taste. He is also a Glitter Core member. The Commander in Chief spot will be empty. Pazuzu should return from the dragon war across the see soon. The arcane advisor will be tempararaly filled by Marvin, seeing how Eridos fled into the woods and still has not returned. An actual educated advisor will be found soon.

The first order of business the council saw fit was the murder of Ethan, Malin, and possible murder of Feste committed by Fumiko. She had just recently lost her unborn child in the battle with Tibalt. She was found guilty and sent to life in prison.

During the search through former Abbott Tibalt’s belongings, they found Estelle’s broom of flying which was given to Lyra. Lyra was escported by Night Furry to Huslig so that she may attend school.

They also found his journal that revealed his motivation behind his scheme. His master plan was to take over the city as his own. When the city was created the Sorins were put into power instead of his family due to racism. He found humans to be the most opinionated and stubborn of all the races. He manipulated human men with sex in order for them to do his bidding. Palora was crafted in order to keep the men entertained. Once he had an army he could take the city by force. After he had the city, he would take his army and hunt down the vampire that lives in Sorin’s Manor to avenge his ancestors. Finally he would have peace through control. The world saw how a weak government led Grand Sorin to the gutter. He would not do the same. He also mentioned how a would manipulate female humans with love. The one thing they usually desire. He took on a talented wife and sent her to go hunt for magic items to fuel his strength. The whereabouts of this women is currently unknown.

The last order of business was concerning Bowie’s location. They couldn’t confirm his death, however he was pronounced dead. A Tombstone would be placed in Sorin’s cemetery on the west side of the city. It will be placed along side Hakkin, Gene, and Simon’s tombstones. Gene’s stone read "Hold on to what you have today. You may not have it tomorrow. Hakkin’s read “Live life to the fullest, because you never know when it’s gonna end.” Simon’s read “A soulful hero. Small stature, but big heart.” The aroma of fried chicken lingers near his grave.

Taylox is now Abbott Taylox. He runs the Chapel of Sorin with his best friend Starkesha. They have turned the church’s reputation has only gone up. The value of Justice is better understood throughout Mastera which in turn makes everyone a little more competent. outside of the church Taylox’s love life seems to be perking up. He has been spotted on a few dates with the “Enforcer of Justice” Night Furry. The two bond over their ideals and love for candied yams.

Nick Solamet has been invited to live in the castle with the council members and their advisors. He is so needy that he may die if left alone. His advisor Mason was found dead with the cult members. He led a secret assault team to assassinate the establishers of the New Court (Salem, Polynya, Brick, Tiny, Fumiko, and Eridos) be were stopped by Brana. He ate one of his magic pickles and transformed into a dragon which massacred the cultists. The doppelganger also perished during this fight.

Gharesh and Creighton have yet to be found. Some say they travel the seas together. Some say they settled down in Angles Falls after their wedding. Only the gods know their true fate.

Although trouble still breathes in the world, Grand Sorin has a moment of peace. It is quiet. It is sound.

Thanks guys. You’ve been real pals.


And a single tear was shed, that day.

I Hope You Find Peace

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