The New Land

It's High-noon

Session 5

The group just happened to meet back up at Gideon’s Cradle. Tyalox and Simon were getting drinks. Eridos was found near dead and taken in by Garnet the Dwarven bar lady. And Creighton alone enjoying a drink. Lyra and Starkesha just walked in. No sign of Bowie however.

The team had rejoiced and had a huge dispute about responsibility. Creighton thought it was lame so left. Lyra was pissed, Starkesha was almost killed, Eridos nearly died because of drugs, Taylox and Simon abandon two people in the wilderness, and Bowie and his slave Blackwall was missing. Lyra was adamant that they save Bowie. So the team went looking. On their way out Garnet gave Taylox, Simon, and Lyra stone necklaces of their king Gideon.

On their way out Creighton returned soaking wet. Some major racist comments were said to Lyra and the Eridos smacked Creighton. This did nothing seeing how he was wearing a helmet. After the hot water cooled, they team left at night fall to find Bowie.

They traveled and found an abandon church in the hills. They took shelter their. The next morning the team explored the church. Creighton went to chop down a tree. The party found some slime at the stone alter table. They examined it and found it to be extremely foreign. Lyra dared Eridos to lick it. Eridos took a hand full of the slime and put it in his mouth. Eridos began to suffocate. Simon took action and stabbed Eridos in the throat. Creighton’s tree fell through the room. Taylox took action and performed emergency surgery on Eridos. He learned that this must be a disease and cure Eridos with magic.

After all the fun the team went to search again. The traveled back the way they came till they came across the a familiar T crossing. North led to Gideon’s Burge. East led to the Orcs and Story Brooke, and West was unknown. They went west. On their way they past multiple warning signs about the danger ahead. After about a 3/4th day’s journey the group came to the edge of a forest.

The forest was covered in a light fog. Simon recalled a lightly fogged wood named Dino Forest. They assumed it was this one. The team went inside. They reached a small creek by a large tree. Other Dinosaurs were drinking at the water. They seemed docile. They tried to cross the stream by walking across a mossy tree trunk. On the trunk Lyra noticed the other Dinosaurs scatter. She told the group to hide. Simon and Eridos climbed the tree. The others hid near the ground.

A T-Rex emerged from the trees. While drinking from the water he noticed Taylox. A raging fight ensued. Eridos attacked from the trees and Simon jumped on the T-Rex’s back. The others fought it on foot. Creighton got caught in the animal’s mouth. Lyra teleported into the mouth with Creighton and helped him get free. After a few moments the entire team was down besides Creighton. With one final blow Creighton threw his great ax into the T-Rex’s skull.

With a stroke of a miracle, Lyra and Taylox jolted back into the battle. Taylox went to treat everyone’s wounds. The team was saved. Once regrouped they ran back out of the woods and slept under the stars.



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