The New Land

Keep Your Friends Close...

Session 7

In the morning the party was summoned to debrief at the castle. Lyra and Simon were already together, so they went to The Church of Sorin to grab Taylox. After arriving they met with Abbott Tibalt. He told them that Taylox was spending the day revisiting the Book of Bahamet and evaluating what justice meant. Taylox would not be joining them today.

Lyra and Simon went to the castle to debrief on their failed mission. They went to the throne room to find the 4 remaining councilors, Salem, and Eridos. Eridos was smoking and coughing a lot. The team listed off all of the events what happened. After mentioning Gharesh and how he is located outside the city, Salem sent Eridos and some guards to locate Gharesh. Before leaving, Eridos threw his blunt to the ground and exclaimed that he needed to “quite this shit.”

At the end of the meeting the council thought it would be best to put together a team and investigate the cult. Lyra needed to get home however so she went to enlist the help from the local vigilante Night Furry. Simon and Lyra left to the clock tower while the council discussed their plan of action.

At the clock tower, Lyra and Simon went to get Night Furry. He however was asleep. Staying up all night to fight crime is taxing. They left him in peace. Outside the clock tower they say a familiar face running around in a panic. Bowie. Before he told Lyra and Simon why, he lured them in to an ally behind the Clock tower. He explained that when he got abandoned on the path he came home. He met up with his “club” friends and they took Blackwall and sacrificed him. He wanted to talk in this ally so that any cult members wouldn’t hear.

Bowie told his story then demanded that Lyra and Simon stayed put while he went to “get some friends.” Lyra and Simon were left in the empty ally. Only surrounded by abandoned apartment buildings and the Clock tower. A minute after Bowie left, Simon and Lyra were struck by crossbow bolts.

From the 2nd floor of the northern most building, three hooded men were spotted through windows. Then two more on the ground floor. Just then Bowie burst through a near by window and raced toward Simon. Lyra put two of the men to sleep. The other three tried to jump to the ground floor. They all fell on their skulls and died on impact. Bowie stuck one powerful uppercut to Simon and knock him out cold.

Lyra and Bowie were at a stand off. Bowie put his foot on Simon’s skull and demanded that she dropped her wand and give up. She did. After some questioning the two cultist woke up. They grabbed Lyra. Bowie transformed into a Dragonborn put Simon in a sack. They strolled through the city toward the sewers. Lyra was lead through the sewers. They eventually came to an opening. In room was full of dozens of hooded men. And one short wizard in the corner with a marble wand. She was lead down a tunnel branching off the main chasm. At the end of the tunnel was a cage with a hooded man inside. The two were tossed in and “Bowie” went to get two guards. They arrived. The two seemed identical. They also both had “No.12” on their heads.

Lyra stood in a stinky, rusty cage with two guards watching her, her friend near death, and a fat stranger. The hooded man took off his cowl and introduced himself has Nick Solemet and how he was in charge of guarding this cage… from the inside. Simon awoke eventually. Lyra and Simon rested for the night. In the morning they planned their escape. The two guards overheard. They said that it isn’t the time to escape. Confused, Lyra teleported to the other said and stuck one down with her sword. That man then transformed into a feminine Changeling. The other guard went to her aid. He pleaded that Lyra get back into her cage. She did. The guard explained that they were the Van Damms. He was Claud and the one on the ground was Gene. They infiltrated the cult to make up for their selfish deeds.

Claud explained to Simon and Lyra all the information they have gathered. 1. The cult worships Palora the long lost sister to Palor. 2. They kidnap human women, rape them, then skin them. 3. They take the skin and take it an alter. It seems that they are making a giant penis as an offer to Palora. 4. Not sure who the leader is. The only people that aren’t human men that come by is a blonde human girl. Around 16. and the redheaded gnome wizard with the marble wand.

They spent the night planning their escape.



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