The New Land

On the Road Again

Session 1

The journey begins with a sleeping fox man. Eridos; the current arcane advisor for The New Court. Eridos was woken up by Brana Kush who asked him to come to the throne room for some urgent information.

At the throne room sat Bowie,Hakkon Var Emerys,Polynya, Lance, and of course the half naked orc. They 5 council members sat down Eridos and explained that Grand Sorin needs a more experienced arcane advisor. Eridos protested profusely. After promising Eridos a spot as “Assistant to the arcane advisor” he was willing to lead this expedition to Huslig. (Huslig is the country. The college is located in the city of Stockholm. The school is called Hexschoola for short.)

The court called in a current student of the magic school Lyceria (Lyra) Var Emerys. She was chosen to go on this mission because she knows a little bit of the way to get there. She is currently parentless.

Next the person who runs The Chapel of Sorin was called into the room. Abbot Tibalt. He introduced two of his associates that would help protect the team and the escort. The first was a spry young lad, Taylox. He seemed too excited. The other church member was (Daniel in plate mail). He seemed pretty chill with the mission. But hoped that “the pay better be damn good.”.

Lastly, the foreign affairs advisor Salem was asked to temporarily look over the party given her recent adventuring experience. The told them that international spies Brick Drippy Tip and Tiny were off in a foreign land on a top secret mission. Pazuzu The Gentle Giant was also out of the country. He is off fighting dragons.

Abbot Tibalt blessed the party before they were sent on their mission. Lyra and Eridos noticed that he was missing his pinkies.

The party decided to get better prepared for the journey. They went to Bowies School of Magic to get some potions. Bowie tried to sell them a jug of juice but was caught in his scheme. He gave the party one potion of minor healing. Lyra got fed up and went to get her pet bear.

The party eventually arrived at the west gate to start their journey. They noticed an elven lady in red at the graveyard by the gate. Eridos and Taylox went to comfort her. She told them to “cherish what you have today, because it might be gone tomorrow.” She left in tears. Taylox examined the tombstone and it read “Baron Von Damm”

They strived to Storybrooke, The first village they’d hit on their way north.

It’s nearly midnight and they’re 10 minutes out of the city. They see a boat crashed on the beach and hear one loud man. The party investigated the human male. The man presented himself as Sir Creighton Tobi, Knight of Malivert. Just then a familiar face emerged from the wreckage. Gharesh. The two stated that they were on their way to the Bastille (the island prison) when a storm hit the ship. Gharesh saved Sir Tobi’s life.

After a few minutes of investigating a soulful black Halfling joined the gang of misfits. He introduced himself as Simon. He mentioned that the town was just 10 minutes away and persuaded everyone to get some sleep. The debate over Gharesh’s situation and its legitimacy could continue in the morning.

The party found Story Brooke and located The Bedtime Cabin, the local in. Lyra is friends with the lady who runs it in the day. Her name is Janet and she is nice. Entering the inn they found Brad. The grumpy human man who runs the night shift for his wife. Lyra and Salem asked for rooms and Brad offered them and exit. After some name calling Salem, Spanky, Lyra, and Simon went out to the woods to avoid the racist attitudes. The others took rooms. Daniel in plate mail went to sleep in the shed.

The first night on our heroes journey was a stressful one.


Eridos went to sleep outside as well but thats a minor detail.

On the Road Again

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