Brana Kush

Council member of Grand Sorin


Brana Kush is from “The sons of the Flower” tribe. Brana’s goal in life is to bring splendor to all. He runs the “Half Orc Full Sexy” Tavern in Zere. Kush loves his tavern and the people in it more than anything. He even sleeps behind the counter after a night’s worth of polishing glasses. His signature drink is “Dragon’s blood” which is rumored to contain actual blood from a dragon. He also sells pickles. Some pickles are even magic.

Brana’s sister, Brianna, is a bartender in Grand Sorin. They are both wildly successful and has a rather large inheritance from their father.

Brana walks around in nothing but a cloth and a pocket watch strapped around his waist. The clock only tell one time…. Sexy time.

Brana currently sits on one of five thrones at Grand Sorin. His farmer friend John Lowshawn is his replacement.

“It’s orc o-clock.”

Brana Kush

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