Current Arcane advisor for Grand Sorin


He has a mangled red orange fur coat with white tufts of fur on his left cheek and right hip that look like stars. He walks on his two hind legs as if they were that of a humans. Most of the time he is seen in a cross hybrid form of fox and human but when needed he will switch. The clothing that he wears is more or less and old Cloak that has the insignia of an Izzet foundry plastered on its back, the cloak a faded indigo hew, and some clothes that resemble bandages and tattered rags. He also has a massive gash down his right hip from his escapades with a slave driver when he was 14.

Being that Eridos is now part of the Grand Sorin Court, acting as there Arcane Advisor, He has acquired a bit of money. He still dawns his faded cape but is clad with new leather armor that is somewhat ornate and flashy. He also wears an orange piece of cloth around his head to act as a bandana that has words written in Druidic that say " Smoke weed Erry day " His pants are of a more pantsy type that look baggier at the top and have straps that wrap around his ankles down to the foot. His feet have hard sandals on them with a simple stitch in them. On his hip he has a small satchel that he uses to hold his weed.


Eridos is 19 and was born into a pipe weed harvesting slave camp and raised by his mother until the age of 7. His mother was killed by a guard after having been sick with Dysentery. He is a druid. He channels his energy through his focus which are the shackles on his wrists that kept him enslaved for the majority of his life, constantly reminding him of his former life and driving him to take a stand. Eridos’s one goal in life is to be the hero so others will not need to go through the same things he did. Although he tries to be good and help all who are around him he developed a terrible pike weed addiction that hinders him of achieving his goal and because of his mothers death, and not having ever known his father, his moral and social skill set is…less than exceptional. He also values his life very little because of his slave time. He was made to think he was nothing. Eridos has never seen the touch of another, driving him to swoon when confronted with a women…pretty much any women.

After his escapes with his former group. Eridos has been appointed to a position of Arcane Advisor in the Dukes Court. Eridos helped the new court with his knowledge of nature magic. He isn’t too educated on the subject. The New Court is forming a small crew to escort a student from the Mage’s college up north to replace him.

Although Eridos has been a relativly neutral and easy going his past has started seeping into his consciousness more prominantly while he sleeps as of recent which makes him more wary and easier to anger.

“(Violent coughing!!) BULLSHIT!”


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