Escaped criminal


a 7 foot tall bronze dragonborn. He wears a bear loincloth and a necklace that is laced with bear claws and teeth. He wields a great axe and is bathed in the odor of flesh.


He has recently come to Mastera to establish a division of the Zhentarim. He recently hired 3 people to capture members of The New Court and bring them to his lair.

The New Court was able to foil the Zhentarim’s plans. Once the small gang was eliminated the party captured Gharesh and took him to jail. However due to the sudden blossoming friendship between Gharesh and Tiny, he was set free.

He was free for about a day when he was captured again and brought back to face his sentencing. The New Court ordered him to be exiled to the island prison known as the Lost Bastille. The captain of the boat was a knight of Malivert named, Sir Tobi.

During a fierce storm Gharesh managed to save the captain’s life. They crashed on an unknown shore, and were the only survivors of the storm.

“I’m the greatest rouge the world has ever known.”


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