Lyceria (Lyra) Var Emerys

The Bladesinging prodigy


Lyra is a 13 year old Half Drow girl. She stands at 5 feet tall and weighs around 100 Ibs. She has grey skin, a diluted shade due to her Drow parentage. Her hair is a fantastic shade of pinkish red, and green eyes. She is often seen riding around town on her mother’s pet brown bear, Spanky.


Lyra is the adopted daughter of Estelle and Ishmael Var Emerys. As her mother was the greatest sorceress in the land, Lyra had access to potent magic at a young age. While gifted with magic, she loved most in playing at the sword with her father. Her uncle could see that she was skilled in both and decided to teach her the art of the bladesinger. During the formation of the New Court both Estelle and Ishmael were called away to deal with crisis in different parts of the world, leaving her in the care of her uncle. She has been on break from schooling at the northern magic university, but the absence of her parents has upset her.

“My mom could scramble your brain like an egg, someday I will be able to do that too”

Lyceria (Lyra) Var Emerys

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