Council member of Grand Sorin


At about 40 years old, Polynya has teal skin and silvering black hair. When she bends an element her hair turns white and her eyes glow silver. A glowing pattern also glimmers of her skin. She stands at 5’5 and is 150lbs.


When she was young her parents were killed by members of the Zhentarim while she hid in a small crawl space. She heard that the gang was looking for something called “The light of many gods.” and having found nothing, the Zhents left. She found the remainder of her parents and she fled into the woods. Having traveled without food or shelter, she fainted in the woods after a few days.

Polynya awoke in Grand Sorin to Big Mama. She was raised by her until she was able to leave at adulthood. Polynya decided that her passion was raising and protecting orphans in Grand Sorin. She did this until she was recruited to The New Court because of her big heart.

During one of the ambassador’s adventures, she was spoken to by a god, then transformed into a golden figure. It was said that her touch alone was strong enough to open the doors to Sovereign that have been closed for the past 40 years. She changed back into her normal self after a few minutes. She has yet to revisit that form.


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