Abbott Taylox

The kindest dragonborn around, Abbott of the Church of Sorin


Taylox lived a sheltered and normal life growing up and strives to see the world, and he is readying himself for the dangers that may go with it. He is of slightly above average strength, most of what he brings to the table comes in his intelligence and charisma. Wields a mace for defensive purposes.


Taylox is a white dragonborn cleric from Grand Sorin who serves the deity Bahamut. He hasn’t ever truly ventured outside of Grand Sorin, he has gone to nearby towns occasionally with his partner-in-no-crime, Starkeesha. His main goal in life is to help everybody who needs it, but not without getting the proper documentation first.

He strives for adventure and to experience the wonderful world that the Gods have created, but he is nervous about the dangers that the world has within it. He is hoping to be able to learn as much as he can from as many people as possible, as he deals with his inner struggle of trying to experience and what is expected of him.

He is a little too trustworthy of the things that Mastera holds within it’s borders. Part of his journey is focused on learning what the Gods have created – good or bad.

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Abbott Taylox

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