The New Land

I Hope You Find Peace

The city grew quiet as the cultists were eliminated. Night Furry and the Shrieking Samurai were able to end most of them. Some cultists refused to be captured or killed by an unholy, so they took their own lives. The guards spent the night cleaning the streets of the bodies. The next morning came with rain. The weather ended any smoldering of buildings and washed away all the blood. Once cleaned the sun came out shining as bright as ever. All the puddles dried up leaving the town fresh. It seemed oddly divine.

The city is now a much safer place due to our heroes. Their sacrifice led to safe streets in which children now play on. Although the cult was no longer a threat there were plenty of issues to address. Starting with the two empty thrones. Claud Van Damm came forth and nominated himself. Seeing how his actions saved the life of the party, he was gladly accepted by Grand Sorin. Leaving on spot. The council unanimously appointed Salem. She has served the new court well. She is trusted. She is head strong. The court now stood as such…

Polynya, Salem, Lance, Brana, and Claud as the councilors. Storm stayed as spy master. Lady Quill sent her assistant’s (Leash) husband over to help fill the role of foreign advisor. An Aarakocra named Adonis who had impeccable taste. He is also a Glitter Core member. The Commander in Chief spot will be empty. Pazuzu should return from the dragon war across the see soon. The arcane advisor will be tempararaly filled by Marvin, seeing how Eridos fled into the woods and still has not returned. An actual educated advisor will be found soon.

The first order of business the council saw fit was the murder of Ethan, Malin, and possible murder of Feste committed by Fumiko. She had just recently lost her unborn child in the battle with Tibalt. She was found guilty and sent to life in prison.

During the search through former Abbott Tibalt’s belongings, they found Estelle’s broom of flying which was given to Lyra. Lyra was escported by Night Furry to Huslig so that she may attend school.

They also found his journal that revealed his motivation behind his scheme. His master plan was to take over the city as his own. When the city was created the Sorins were put into power instead of his family due to racism. He found humans to be the most opinionated and stubborn of all the races. He manipulated human men with sex in order for them to do his bidding. Palora was crafted in order to keep the men entertained. Once he had an army he could take the city by force. After he had the city, he would take his army and hunt down the vampire that lives in Sorin’s Manor to avenge his ancestors. Finally he would have peace through control. The world saw how a weak government led Grand Sorin to the gutter. He would not do the same. He also mentioned how a would manipulate female humans with love. The one thing they usually desire. He took on a talented wife and sent her to go hunt for magic items to fuel his strength. The whereabouts of this women is currently unknown.

The last order of business was concerning Bowie’s location. They couldn’t confirm his death, however he was pronounced dead. A Tombstone would be placed in Sorin’s cemetery on the west side of the city. It will be placed along side Hakkin, Gene, and Simon’s tombstones. Gene’s stone read "Hold on to what you have today. You may not have it tomorrow. Hakkin’s read “Live life to the fullest, because you never know when it’s gonna end.” Simon’s read “A soulful hero. Small stature, but big heart.” The aroma of fried chicken lingers near his grave.

Taylox is now Abbott Taylox. He runs the Chapel of Sorin with his best friend Starkesha. They have turned the church’s reputation has only gone up. The value of Justice is better understood throughout Mastera which in turn makes everyone a little more competent. outside of the church Taylox’s love life seems to be perking up. He has been spotted on a few dates with the “Enforcer of Justice” Night Furry. The two bond over their ideals and love for candied yams.

Nick Solamet has been invited to live in the castle with the council members and their advisors. He is so needy that he may die if left alone. His advisor Mason was found dead with the cult members. He led a secret assault team to assassinate the establishers of the New Court (Salem, Polynya, Brick, Tiny, Fumiko, and Eridos) be were stopped by Brana. He ate one of his magic pickles and transformed into a dragon which massacred the cultists. The doppelganger also perished during this fight.

Gharesh and Creighton have yet to be found. Some say they travel the seas together. Some say they settled down in Angles Falls after their wedding. Only the gods know their true fate.

Although trouble still breathes in the world, Grand Sorin has a moment of peace. It is quiet. It is sound.

Thanks guys. You’ve been real pals.

Palora's Army
The Last Session

It was a cloudy morning when Taylox awoke in the Chapel of Sorin. He had spend a whole day finding himself in scripture. He felt like he had a better grasp on what justice meant. Taylox then went to the castle to meet the castle. He thought he’d meet his friends there.

On his way into the throne room he passed Salem. Salem was just about to send for Taylox, what a crazy happenstance. She escorted Taylox to the throne room. Taylox stood in front of all 5 council members and Salem. They council then began to perform a mental evaluation of Taylox. They showed him paintings of baboons and shivs and noted the response. It held alarming results. Taylox grew unnerved and the council thought It would be best if he found a place to calm down. Bowie walked Lance and Taylox to Eridos’ room so that he may lay down.

When entering the room that sudden odor of pipeweed attacked their smell. Taylox and Lance looked for the stash. Bowie locked the door, grabbed the nearest chair, and then smashed it on Taylox’s head. Trying to escape, Taylox attempted to jump through the window. He could not. Bowie swiftly delivered a solid throat chop and the dragonborn dropped. Lance squeezed through the window and went for help. He to get the other councilors. After explaining the mayhem the group rushed to Eridos’ room finding it completely empty.

Back at the sewers Simon, Lyra, Gene, and Claud were planning their escape. While doing so Bowie approached the cave with an unconscious Taylox. He was tossed in. Bowie then told Lyra that “the boys want to experiment.” and that she should make herself presentable in about an hour. He left with a skip in his step.

Simon smacked Taylox awake and informed him of everything. The cult, the plan, the whole ordeal. Their plan was that Claud would go get robes so that they could hide under them. CLaud found the robes and they were ready to go. However they still needed to get through the fence. After failed attempts at picking it, Simon sarcastically asked if Nick had the key. He did. They team left the cell stress free.

Lyra altered her appearance and was fit in well. Taylox attempted to hide his long face under a hood. And Simon the Halfling walked his tallest beside the humans. Claud found the secret door he saw the blonde lady and wizard come from. It was around the corner. However to get their, they had to pass a dozen men and the gnomish wizard. While getting to the door, the gnomish wizard noticed the drastic height difference between the men and Simon. He grew suspicious. Claud distracted the guard at the secret door. Gene followed the team from behind.

Just at the door, the wizard cast shatter at Taylox and Lyra. The boom echoed throughout the sewers and all the cult members stopped what they were doing. The urgency set in. Lyra was paralyzed by the wizard. Simon and Taylox had trouble getting out of a cistern. The 40 or so cultist ran after them led by the wizard. Gene shot her hand cross bow into the crowd to wound a few. She then turned to the party and said “Get out of here while you still can. I’ll hold them off.” Moments later the wizard formed a blade made of his blood and ran Gene through. Finally the group overcame their obstacles and made it though the secret door. Followed by the wizard and the cult of course.

From the door there was a tunnel going east. They ran for about a half a mile just barely outrunning the cult members. Finally the three reached a stair case that led to a trap door. The three opened the door and slammed it down. They took in their surroundings. They were in the Chapel of Sorin. Nobody was in the room except for Abbott Tibalt who was reading his hymn book. Tibalt was alarmed to see them and asked them to sit down. The party scattered.

Tibalt swiftly raised up a holy symbol and paralyzed Simon and Lyra. He approached the group. Taylox tried to freeze him but Tibalt was too wise. He then drew his hidden mace while saying “I told you all to sit down.” Tibalt swung his mace at Simon’s leg. Shattering it. The spell ended and they made for the door. Lyra was able to misty step past Tibalt. Taylox was hit while going by. Simon lingered behind due to his current injury. Taylox ran to the castle. Lyra turned back for Simon. She turned and saw Tibalt crushing Simon with a divine strike. Lyra then ran to the castle.

The two burst through the throne room doors to find the 4 council members and Salem. After vomiting the information to them, the council assembled their defenses. They summoned the current military general, the newly pregnant Fumiko and her Shrieking Samurai. Storm assembled his spies, but his star due The Marvin Squad (Brick Drippy Tip and Tiny) were out on a mission. Hakkin grabbed his wand and sword. Salem uncased her double bass. In need of a knight, Polynya wrapped her firsts. Lyra searched for Creighton. He ended saw no reason to help due to lack of reward. She went back to the castle.

Fumiko casually killed the gate guards, Ethan and Malin.

When the group was ready they went to the city to protect it. It was dusk and the sky seemed to bleed. Reds were illuminating the atmosphere. Screams (only the bad kind) were heard across the city. The smell of burning buildings was overwhelming. The cultist’s attack was quick and fierce. Polynya feared for Big Mama’s orphanage and ran there. The Shrieking Samurai spread to help the guards. Salem, Hakkin, Fumiko, Lyra, and Taylox went to Bosko Plaza, finding Abbott Tibalt, His wizard, and a small band of cultists.

The battle raged on. Hakkin and Lyra took on the wizard. In the heat of battle the wizard’s hood fell revealing that it was Marvin. His veins were glowing purple. Fumiko and Simon attacked Tibalt. Salem healed everyone. A few moments of fighting pasted when a roar was heard from a near by sewage pipe. Out erected a penis shaped flesh golem. It looked as though this was where the women’s skin were going. There was one small black patch. They assumed it was Simon. The monster joined the battle and fought vigorously.

Taylox shot an bolt through Tibalt’s throat. Hakkin tripped on his cape…. twice. Fumiko decapitated many cultists. Eventually it was the penis monster vs. the team. The battle was exhausting. As the party swarmed the penis, it began to thrash about. In the frenzy it fatally smashed Hakkin into the ground. Lyra observed and learned that it was weaker to magic. Combining magical forces the party fell the beast. At for a moment there was silence.

Keep Your Friends Close...
Session 7

In the morning the party was summoned to debrief at the castle. Lyra and Simon were already together, so they went to The Church of Sorin to grab Taylox. After arriving they met with Abbott Tibalt. He told them that Taylox was spending the day revisiting the Book of Bahamet and evaluating what justice meant. Taylox would not be joining them today.

Lyra and Simon went to the castle to debrief on their failed mission. They went to the throne room to find the 4 remaining councilors, Salem, and Eridos. Eridos was smoking and coughing a lot. The team listed off all of the events what happened. After mentioning Gharesh and how he is located outside the city, Salem sent Eridos and some guards to locate Gharesh. Before leaving, Eridos threw his blunt to the ground and exclaimed that he needed to “quite this shit.”

At the end of the meeting the council thought it would be best to put together a team and investigate the cult. Lyra needed to get home however so she went to enlist the help from the local vigilante Night Furry. Simon and Lyra left to the clock tower while the council discussed their plan of action.

At the clock tower, Lyra and Simon went to get Night Furry. He however was asleep. Staying up all night to fight crime is taxing. They left him in peace. Outside the clock tower they say a familiar face running around in a panic. Bowie. Before he told Lyra and Simon why, he lured them in to an ally behind the Clock tower. He explained that when he got abandoned on the path he came home. He met up with his “club” friends and they took Blackwall and sacrificed him. He wanted to talk in this ally so that any cult members wouldn’t hear.

Bowie told his story then demanded that Lyra and Simon stayed put while he went to “get some friends.” Lyra and Simon were left in the empty ally. Only surrounded by abandoned apartment buildings and the Clock tower. A minute after Bowie left, Simon and Lyra were struck by crossbow bolts.

From the 2nd floor of the northern most building, three hooded men were spotted through windows. Then two more on the ground floor. Just then Bowie burst through a near by window and raced toward Simon. Lyra put two of the men to sleep. The other three tried to jump to the ground floor. They all fell on their skulls and died on impact. Bowie stuck one powerful uppercut to Simon and knock him out cold.

Lyra and Bowie were at a stand off. Bowie put his foot on Simon’s skull and demanded that she dropped her wand and give up. She did. After some questioning the two cultist woke up. They grabbed Lyra. Bowie transformed into a Dragonborn put Simon in a sack. They strolled through the city toward the sewers. Lyra was lead through the sewers. They eventually came to an opening. In room was full of dozens of hooded men. And one short wizard in the corner with a marble wand. She was lead down a tunnel branching off the main chasm. At the end of the tunnel was a cage with a hooded man inside. The two were tossed in and “Bowie” went to get two guards. They arrived. The two seemed identical. They also both had “No.12” on their heads.

Lyra stood in a stinky, rusty cage with two guards watching her, her friend near death, and a fat stranger. The hooded man took off his cowl and introduced himself has Nick Solemet and how he was in charge of guarding this cage… from the inside. Simon awoke eventually. Lyra and Simon rested for the night. In the morning they planned their escape. The two guards overheard. They said that it isn’t the time to escape. Confused, Lyra teleported to the other said and stuck one down with her sword. That man then transformed into a feminine Changeling. The other guard went to her aid. He pleaded that Lyra get back into her cage. She did. The guard explained that they were the Van Damms. He was Claud and the one on the ground was Gene. They infiltrated the cult to make up for their selfish deeds.

Claud explained to Simon and Lyra all the information they have gathered. 1. The cult worships Palora the long lost sister to Palor. 2. They kidnap human women, rape them, then skin them. 3. They take the skin and take it an alter. It seems that they are making a giant penis as an offer to Palora. 4. Not sure who the leader is. The only people that aren’t human men that come by is a blonde human girl. Around 16. and the redheaded gnome wizard with the marble wand.

They spent the night planning their escape.

Back & Forth & Back Again
Session 6

After awaking from a rough night the group headed back to the woods with the hostile lady orcs. to see if they knew anything.

At the woods Lyra went to chat with the lady orcs. She went alone so that the ladies wouldn’t get mad at the men in the group. Simon and Taylox followed silently near by to keep Lyra safe. Lyra asked the dozen orcs if they have seen Bowie and Blackwalll (and gave them a physical description). The orc ladies said that they recall a baby that cried a lot and a man with a beard. They then escorted Lyra to their “Pile”. The pile was of many men of all ages and races that were completely dismembered. Lyra went back to the group terrified and explained the news to the group.

After some debating they hypothesized that Bowie would’ve woke up and continued down the path. That would’ve led the men too the group of angry half-orc ladies. Bowie is too sickly to out run most. So they came too the assumption that he died. Lyra then told everyone about all the cult stuff she learned while on her trip. The team thought it would be best to go home. Creighton needed to go back and get Gharesh from Girdoen’s Burge.

They traveled back to the town to and found Gharesh at Gideon’s Cradle. Upon entering the city the town guards tried to thrust small necklaces of Gideon on to the group. In the inn/tavern they found wanted posters of Gharesh and Creighton. Creighton left the city and found Gharesh outside. The rest of the group had a meal and discussed their plans of action. Taylox became suspicious of the statues. Lyra cast identify one of the many statues littering the city. She learned they are beacons of magic. Taylox suggested that they were surveillance items of some sort.

The group went back to Story Brooke. On their way they stopped at the old chapel. During the night Taylox woke up the group and their was a dead body in the center of the main worship room. The body had many stab wounds and had no face. Taylox insisted it was baboons that did the crime.

After the alarming night the group trudged back home. While in Story Brooke the group found about a dozen missing posters of citizens within the city. A family of 4, an old couple, a few single bachelors, a single dad and his son, a lesbian couple and their kids, and lastly a farmer. Although mysterious the party found their current issue more pressing. They stayed the night. Taylox alerted the group to a shine of shivs and fingers outside of the shed he slept in. The shrine wasn’t there. Taylox produced a note that stated “You’re next.” and a shiv and showed it to Lyra. She was clearly unamused.

Gharesh and Creighton went to their old boat instead of sleeping at the inn. When the party was ready to go they traveled 10 minutes out of the city to the beach. They had a beach day. Starkesha didn’t swim because she didn’t want to get her hair wet. Lyra went diving for pearls. Gharesh, Creighton, Simon, and Eridos played beach volleyball. Taylox sat in the crow’s nest like a little bitch. Creighton chopped down the nest and Taylox fell in the ocean. After getting pissed he swam back to shore he undressed. The found a mouth and a eye on his back. They assumed it was Alabaster or Apollo.

They team finally headed back. Before entering the city Eridos felt the urge to run into the forest. Gharesh and Creighton felt it was best not to go into the city due to the fact that Gharesh is a criminal. Taylox went to Abbott Tibalt to remove the curse. Lyra stopped by the castle to tell Hakkin about the adventure and then she took Simon back home to sleep.

It's High-noon
Session 5

The group just happened to meet back up at Gideon’s Cradle. Tyalox and Simon were getting drinks. Eridos was found near dead and taken in by Garnet the Dwarven bar lady. And Creighton alone enjoying a drink. Lyra and Starkesha just walked in. No sign of Bowie however.

The team had rejoiced and had a huge dispute about responsibility. Creighton thought it was lame so left. Lyra was pissed, Starkesha was almost killed, Eridos nearly died because of drugs, Taylox and Simon abandon two people in the wilderness, and Bowie and his slave Blackwall was missing. Lyra was adamant that they save Bowie. So the team went looking. On their way out Garnet gave Taylox, Simon, and Lyra stone necklaces of their king Gideon.

On their way out Creighton returned soaking wet. Some major racist comments were said to Lyra and the Eridos smacked Creighton. This did nothing seeing how he was wearing a helmet. After the hot water cooled, they team left at night fall to find Bowie.

They traveled and found an abandon church in the hills. They took shelter their. The next morning the team explored the church. Creighton went to chop down a tree. The party found some slime at the stone alter table. They examined it and found it to be extremely foreign. Lyra dared Eridos to lick it. Eridos took a hand full of the slime and put it in his mouth. Eridos began to suffocate. Simon took action and stabbed Eridos in the throat. Creighton’s tree fell through the room. Taylox took action and performed emergency surgery on Eridos. He learned that this must be a disease and cure Eridos with magic.

After all the fun the team went to search again. The traveled back the way they came till they came across the a familiar T crossing. North led to Gideon’s Burge. East led to the Orcs and Story Brooke, and West was unknown. They went west. On their way they past multiple warning signs about the danger ahead. After about a 3/4th day’s journey the group came to the edge of a forest.

The forest was covered in a light fog. Simon recalled a lightly fogged wood named Dino Forest. They assumed it was this one. The team went inside. They reached a small creek by a large tree. Other Dinosaurs were drinking at the water. They seemed docile. They tried to cross the stream by walking across a mossy tree trunk. On the trunk Lyra noticed the other Dinosaurs scatter. She told the group to hide. Simon and Eridos climbed the tree. The others hid near the ground.

A T-Rex emerged from the trees. While drinking from the water he noticed Taylox. A raging fight ensued. Eridos attacked from the trees and Simon jumped on the T-Rex’s back. The others fought it on foot. Creighton got caught in the animal’s mouth. Lyra teleported into the mouth with Creighton and helped him get free. After a few moments the entire team was down besides Creighton. With one final blow Creighton threw his great ax into the T-Rex’s skull.

With a stroke of a miracle, Lyra and Taylox jolted back into the battle. Taylox went to treat everyone’s wounds. The team was saved. Once regrouped they ran back out of the woods and slept under the stars.

A Half-Drow's only friend
Session 4

Lyra flew on Brass Lee’s back to his home. They flew for an hour till they arrived at the hills. At the base of one of the hills were two trees that were concealing the entrance to Brass’s hole. Inside was his gold pile. Brass mentioned that he had another friend that swore a lot. Lyra assumed that was Starkesha. The two waited for Spanky to arrive. They played M.A.S.H. to pass the time. Spanky arrived exhausted. Lyra requested to go back to the other. So they turned around.

On their way back they spotted a traveler headed north. The group snuck up on the figure and scared it. Lyra learned that the figure was Xana, The Blighted and she was hired by Gideon’s Burge (just south west of there) to kill the dragon. Lyra challenged her to a duel. Xana took one swing and lost her sword in the tall hill grass.

After some pleasantries Lyra learned that Xana was also from Grand Sorin and was married at the age of 16. She also happened to mention that she recently saw a woman being dragged away by some dudes in hoods. Lyra thought it was worth investigating, so the team went on.

Lyra, Spanky, Brass, and Xana searched the hills. They spotted a trail in the grass leading to the top of a hill. At the top was a stone slab with a handle. The hole was medium sized so Brass and Spanky couldn’t go. Xana and Lyra snuck down the hole by using its ladder. Lyra made it to the bottom safely, however Xana fell and hit her head. She then began to yell in pain. Lyra calmed her down, but then noticed 8 hooded goons and Starkesha all staring at her.

Two goons took Starkesah being a large stone door with two statues at its base. The other six attacked. Xana couldn’t do much seeing how she had no sword still. So she just cast haste on Lyra while she mowed down the men. Lyra used mostly nonlethal damage. The battle was short. But then the two women had to deal with the stone door that appeared to have no handles.

The two approached the door and the statues began to speak. It was a puzzle door. One statue labeled Anlock, the other Lunoz. The two statues answered specific questions and the goal was to figure out why. After a few minutes Lyra couldn’t solve the puzzle. She took out her scroll of fire ball and unleashed it on the door. Sadly only a small whole was made. Lyra saw inside the two men attempting to tie Starkesha to a bloody stone slab. Starkesha was able to knock one of them to the ground, but then was struck by the other. Lyra poked her wand through the whole and killed one of the men.

Having bought a little more time Lyra went back to the puzzle. After a total of twenty minutes she figured it out. Thus freeing Starkesha.

Lyra went to interrogate one of the men.

The men had tattoos on their foreheads that were “No. X” where X was a different number. She talked to number 20. and she found all the way up to 28. None of them had pinkies. The man said that they were trying to summon Palora. The long lost sister to Palor the god of sun. She was the goddess of sex and “was into human dudes”. The man would kidnap women, bring them here, rape them (so the could get good at sex) and then skin them alive so that they didn’t narc. They also had a base in the sewers under Grand Sorin.

Lyra took note of this and went on her way. The group met back at Brass’ den. Brass went to sleep until morning and then he would take Lyra and the other back. Once asleep, Xana asked if it would be okay to take some of his gold. She grabbed a bag full of gold and left. Lyra told Brass immediately and they took after her. Xana was just outside the den’s entence when she was swooped up by Brass. They dropped her off outside of Gideon’s Burge, Lyra declared her as a rival, and they left to get Lyra back to the path.

Once at the path….. nobody was there. The team left Lyra alone. Lyra, Spanky, and Starkesha went down the pass to find the others.

Down the road she heard a brutish lady yelling from a bush. “Help! I’m a damsel.” Lyra went to aid the voice at the bush. Once close a Half-Orc lady popped out with a great axe. 11 others also emerged from the bushes. The yelling Orc said “No worries, she’s just a girl.” and all of them sheathed their weapons.

Lyra learned that these Half-Orcs lived in a lightly wooded part of the plains and jumped any man that walked by because “Men break our hearts, so we break their spines.” The group was alarmed by this and proceeded to go down the path.

After two days of traveling, the small group reached Gideon’s Burge. They got rooms, seeing how it was night time. Lyra walked into Gideon’s Cradle and spotted her two “friends” Simon and Taylox. She also saw an old acquaintance, Creighton.

A Half-Drow, a Dragonborn, and a Halfling walk into a library
Session 3

Bowie informed the party that they have been missing for a week and accused them of disregarding their duty. Lyra showed him the book and explained the whole ordeal and how demiplanes work. Bowie seen it as nonsense. He ordered everyone to go to bed. He also stated that Salem would be relieved of her duties and Bowie would supervise the team.

As the members went to bed Taylox asked to speak with Simon privately. They conspired about Bowie and how his tattoo could be related to the cult business in Grand Sorin. Bowie (in the adjacent room) heard his name and tried to easy drop. Once discovered Taylox insisted they he and Simon were talking about how cool Bowie was. Bowie was satisfied and went to bed.

The next morning the group congregated to have another arousing breakfast with Janet. Their friend Eridso was absent for this meal. The party talked before Bowie attended. They thought heading to Grand Sorin would be a wise choice. They could then get Salem back and restock on supplies. Bowie came down to join. Lyra and Simon were so agrivated by his presence that they left to go to the library next door.

Taylox and Bowie were left in the room alone. Taylox confronted Bowie about the cult. Even under the Zone of Truth spell Bowie insisted that he got his tattoo from his friends in the sewers under Grand Sorin. (the same place where Jack Maggot’s casino/club was located). Bowie told Taylox that his friends in the club were really nice and told Bowie about how cool he was. Bowie then cast friends and ordered Taylox to get undressed. Taylox was forced to explore the moist chasm that is Bowie’s mouth.

Janet in the other room explained that she was a lesbian while under the influence of Zone of Truth.

Taylox was flustered and went to the library to get the others. He found Simon who found a book made of human skin with a insignia of demon head on the front. Simon said that Lyra found a hidden section in the back and solved an extremely difficult puzzle. Lyra came back with a scroll of Polymorph. Once with the others her magic senses started to boom. She was picking up intense dark magic from the book. She then got a vision of a Halfling sized lich that was burning Story Brooke to the ground. Lyra told them to put the book back. They did. They noticed that the book has rotted its shape into the wooden table it was sitting on.

Once returned Lyra rented the scroll for a few days and the party headed out. They met with Bowie how was packed and ready to go. The party suggested they head back to Grand Sorin. Bowie denied the request and insisted that they head to the next town. They party left Story Brooke.

After a day’s travel the party made camp to rest. Blackwall doesn’t require sleep, seeing how he is undead. In the middle of the night Bowie awoke screaming about a giant crow in the sky. The party looked. Lyra saw a dragon, but then realized it was a griffon. The creature swooped down and took out Blackwall. The party then saw that it was a Brass Dragon. After fighting it, the party then talked it down.

The dragon introduced himself as Brass Lee. He was bored and wanted to play with people. Lyra befriended the Lee and they road off north. Bowie went back to sleep. Taylox and Simon snuck away from the campsite to leave Bowie and continued on their way to the next city.

A Quest Through Ink
Session 2

Eridos awoke with a start.

The party all woke up and after a while ended up back at The Bedtime Cabin. Once there they discovered that Gharesh and Tobi were missing.

They then sat down for an arousing breakfast with Janet. The party concluded that they should head to the next city north. After packing they noticed Daniel in plate mail was missing. They chose to investigate the shed out back where he slept. Eridos, Simon, and Taylox searched the shed. They found all of his armor by the bed and a old book with golden binding labeled The Book of Lost Things who was written by Apollo. Simon got curious and he opened the book. A black spectral hand emerged from the pages and sucked Simon in.

Eridos and Taylox were shocked. They alarmed the rest of the gang. After some intense debating Lyra suggested that they all go in after him. One at a time, the members picked up the book and were But of course not after Taylox was slapped by the spectral hand.

The party was warped into the book. They saw images of odd scorpion men. An vivid autumn wood. And lastly an image of glowing red eyes and a grin.

The party hit the ground with a large thump. After realizing they were all still alive they began to search for their friend. After a few minutes a small Halfling boy burst from the bushes. Spanky and Lyra chased after the boy. After catching him, the party discovered that his name was Alabaster. He is the main protagonist in the book and he knew Daniel in plate mail. Daniel was torn apart by scorpion people. Alabaster suggested that they keep running because scorpion people were chasing him.

The Lyra threw Alabaster on top of Spanky, then the party road off to the east. As they went on the landscape seemed to become degraded. As though the art wasn’t fully completed. After an hour the heroes spotted a camp site with 3 sporpion people nesting at it. Upon sneaking closer the party was noticed and a battle ensued. Lyra dove on top of Alabaster to protect him while Spanky guarded them both. Better known as Turtle Formation. Simon hid behind Spanky. Eridos, Salem, and Taylox were left to kill the monsters. The battle ended swiftly with only one injury. Eridos took a stinger to the throat. Taylox the cleric offered assistance only after Eridos filled out a form.

After the form was completed the crew traveled east again. The day shifted to dusk. Traveling for another hour, the squad ran into a mountain side with a cave in it. The mountain looked too steep to scale so the members took shelter in the cave. They noticed that the cave looked bare. A rough sketch it seemed. The cave traveled far into the mountain. Eventually leading into an abyss.

The party found the edge and wondered if it was the way to the next chapter. After some discussion Eridos jumped into the Abyss. Followed by Simon and Taylox. Salem hesitated but Lyra ordered Spanky to charge. Salem was caught by the bolting bear.

The party fell for an hour. Even without a source of light, the party was lit as normal.

The party once again hit the ground with a thud. It was not painful, however. Scampering through the dark they were approached by a familiar face. It was the grinning being they saw entering the book. The party spoke with the face.

The face informed the party that this book was blessed by the author Apollo so that the book could almost literally “come to life” making it easier to finish. Apollo then abandoned the project leaving the magic to rot. That’s when the grim spectral spirit came to be. He controls the book’s world. An artist puts a part of him in every piece of art. The face was that piece. The party then dubbed him Apollo, because They’re essentially the same.

Apollo told the party that he could send them home. Apollo asked if he could come with. He mentioned the location of items that use to belong to the author. The party thought it was okay with that. Taylox attuned to Alabaster and were sent home.

The party crashed back to the shed. They all seemed to be safe but there was no sign of Alabaster. Taylox did notice a warm presence in the center of his skull branching to the back of his head. It was night time when they returned. They searched the cabin for Apollo’s (the author) belongings. They found a spy glass that has X-ray vision. A puzzle box with a magical essence in it. And a simple gold ring. Taylox took the glass. Eridos took the box. Salem took the ring.

The group went to sleep in The Bedtime Cabin. Most of them were welcomed back by Brad who was pissed that there was already an “annoying ass pasty gnome” upstairs. The group knew that must be Bowie.

Going upstairs Taylox tested his glass on the door to Bowie’s room. He spotted Bowie beating his thrall Blackwall with a rolled up newspaper yelling “Stupid” repeatedly. Salem opened the door to approach Bowie about his presents in the town. Taylox got a look at naked Bowie. Bowie had a tattoo labeled “No. 55” on his belly. The party talked to the gnomish satan who stated that they have been missing for a week.

On the Road Again
Session 1

The journey begins with a sleeping fox man. Eridos; the current arcane advisor for The New Court. Eridos was woken up by Brana Kush who asked him to come to the throne room for some urgent information.

At the throne room sat Bowie,Hakkon Var Emerys,Polynya, Lance, and of course the half naked orc. They 5 council members sat down Eridos and explained that Grand Sorin needs a more experienced arcane advisor. Eridos protested profusely. After promising Eridos a spot as “Assistant to the arcane advisor” he was willing to lead this expedition to Huslig. (Huslig is the country. The college is located in the city of Stockholm. The school is called Hexschoola for short.)

The court called in a current student of the magic school Lyceria (Lyra) Var Emerys. She was chosen to go on this mission because she knows a little bit of the way to get there. She is currently parentless.

Next the person who runs The Chapel of Sorin was called into the room. Abbot Tibalt. He introduced two of his associates that would help protect the team and the escort. The first was a spry young lad, Taylox. He seemed too excited. The other church member was (Daniel in plate mail). He seemed pretty chill with the mission. But hoped that “the pay better be damn good.”.

Lastly, the foreign affairs advisor Salem was asked to temporarily look over the party given her recent adventuring experience. The told them that international spies Brick Drippy Tip and Tiny were off in a foreign land on a top secret mission. Pazuzu The Gentle Giant was also out of the country. He is off fighting dragons.

Abbot Tibalt blessed the party before they were sent on their mission. Lyra and Eridos noticed that he was missing his pinkies.

The party decided to get better prepared for the journey. They went to Bowies School of Magic to get some potions. Bowie tried to sell them a jug of juice but was caught in his scheme. He gave the party one potion of minor healing. Lyra got fed up and went to get her pet bear.

The party eventually arrived at the west gate to start their journey. They noticed an elven lady in red at the graveyard by the gate. Eridos and Taylox went to comfort her. She told them to “cherish what you have today, because it might be gone tomorrow.” She left in tears. Taylox examined the tombstone and it read “Baron Von Damm”

They strived to Storybrooke, The first village they’d hit on their way north.

It’s nearly midnight and they’re 10 minutes out of the city. They see a boat crashed on the beach and hear one loud man. The party investigated the human male. The man presented himself as Sir Creighton Tobi, Knight of Malivert. Just then a familiar face emerged from the wreckage. Gharesh. The two stated that they were on their way to the Bastille (the island prison) when a storm hit the ship. Gharesh saved Sir Tobi’s life.

After a few minutes of investigating a soulful black Halfling joined the gang of misfits. He introduced himself as Simon. He mentioned that the town was just 10 minutes away and persuaded everyone to get some sleep. The debate over Gharesh’s situation and its legitimacy could continue in the morning.

The party found Story Brooke and located The Bedtime Cabin, the local in. Lyra is friends with the lady who runs it in the day. Her name is Janet and she is nice. Entering the inn they found Brad. The grumpy human man who runs the night shift for his wife. Lyra and Salem asked for rooms and Brad offered them and exit. After some name calling Salem, Spanky, Lyra, and Simon went out to the woods to avoid the racist attitudes. The others took rooms. Daniel in plate mail went to sleep in the shed.

The first night on our heroes journey was a stressful one.

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