The New Land

A story of new friendships, discoveries, and enemies.

The last time we saw our heroes they esblished a new court. An oligarcy was formed and Polynya, Brana, Bowie, Lance, and Hakkin were named the new council members. With great care they chose their advisors. Salem would lead their foreign policies. Storm Fang would be their spy master. Pazuzu and Fumiko would lead their army. Lastly, Eridos would lead their arcane team.

Today, The New Court has decided that they need an arcane expert as a member. The council has chose to form a small crew and head to the magic college, Hexschoola. This crew is tasked to go North to Huslig (the country in which the college is located) and escort the expert back to Grand Sorin. To do this the party must travel through unknown areas. Who knows what they may find?