Sir Creighton Tobi, Knight of Malivert

The Wanderer


Sir Tobi is a tall man whom is strong of arm, his piercing blue eyes seem to bore into your soul. He’s never seen without his stag head armor, face-covering helm, and dragon-slaying axe.


He arrived in Mastera by way of shipwreck, as he was captaining the boat meant to take Gharesh to the Bastille. On the journey to the Bastille a massive storm hit and Gharesh saved Creighton’s life. The storm, added to the fact that only Gharesh and Creighton were the only two left alive to man the ship, drove the ship aground and the two were stranded in an unknown land. Forever lost from his home he prefers to camp by himself, away from all others, and often wanders at night once his companions are asleep. He is often referred to as the Wanderer or the Wandering Knight.

Quote- “Oi! Garresh, fuck the journal! Bring down the tomatoes!”

Sir Creighton Tobi, Knight of Malivert

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